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Technical Specifications
Capacity: 2″-12″ Sch. 10 steel, stainless steel
2-8 Sch. 40 steel, stainless steel
Weight: 53 kg
Standard dies:
One 2″-6″ Schedule 10/40 Roll Set
One 8-12° Schedule 10 (8° Schedule 40) Roll Set


The Model COLT-12 Hydraulic Roll Groover Built with powerful
15-ton hydraulic ram, compact and easy to transport. One man set
-up and operation, the COLT-12 is the ideal groover for work site.
Designed to provide maximum efficiency, the COLT-12 is capable of
grooving up to 12″ Schedule 10 and 8″ Schedule 40 standard wall
pipes. Roll set changeout is accomplished in seconds.
The COLT-12 mounts quickly to Macstroc FLARE.4C machine.
Or optionally can be used in *Ridgid machines

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