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Webster Hardness Tester is an instrument that can promptly on-site test the hardness of aluminum alloy material, including section bar, tubes, plates, aluminum parts, and hardness of other soft mental. It is such an instrument convenient in usage, with a simple “clamp” and direct result-reading, that it always receives good feedback of high efficiency and strong stability.
Webster Hardness Tester is the best choice for mechanical testing on aluminum alloy material, it is conform to
Chinese nonferrous standard YS/T420-2004 and US standard ASTM B647-84(2000).



Especially suitable in production site, sales site or construction site for quickly testng on bulk products with nondestructive quality inspection piece by piece.
Besides aluminum alloy material, it is also suitable to test red copper, brass, soft copper etc.
• Indenter: Re-engineered with advanced material and new production technology manufactured, higher hardness, long service life, good interchangeability
• Indicator Hand: High strength indicator hand, less likely to be bent by long-term using or mis-operation;
• Dial Glass: High strength, high toughness, uneasy to be broken or scratched;
• Handle: Forged aluminum alloy handle with fine anodized finishing, high resistance to abraision and stain;
• Hardness Blocks: Tested by standard Rockwell hardness tester, attached with test report;
• Good Stability: Stable full scale point, stable calibration point, indicator never glides;
• Easy Conversion: Results can be converted to Vickers, Rockwell and Brinell.

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