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The instrument is a type of portable measuring gauge, capable of measuring rapidly,nondestructively, and precisely the thickness of coating and cladding material. It is suitable for on site as well as for laboratory uses. Via the using of different probes,many sorts of measuring can be satisfied by the gauge. It can be applied comprehensively to manufacturing, metal processing and chemical profession as well as to commercial inspection. It is indispensable for the major of materials protection.



BS-6102 – TRAITS
· Two thickness measuring methods adopted, the gauge can
be applied to thickness measuring of non-magnetic coating
on magnetic metal substrate as well as non-conductive
coating on non-magnetic metal substrate;
· Multi type probe can be used
· 2 measuring modes are available: continuing measuring
mode(CONTINUE)and single measuring mode (SINGLE)
· 2 operation modes are available: direct mode (DIRECT)
and batch mode (A-B)
· 5 statistic values: mean value (MEAN), max. Value (MAX),
min. Value (MIN), numbers of measuring (NO.), standard
deviation (S.DEV)
· 2 methods can be used to calibrate the gauge, and the
system error of the probe can be corrected by use of basic
calibrating method
· Storage function: 500 measuring values can be stored
· Deletion function: delete the single questionable data occurring in measuring, as well as all of the data in memory
area to perform the new measuring
· Limit can be set: capable of alarming automatically for
measuring values out of limit; and a batch of measuring
values can be analyzed via histogram
· Capable of communication with PC: measuring values and
statistic values can be sent to PC to perform the further
process for data
· Indication of low voltage
· Buzzing indication in the course of operation
· With the function of error warning, error warning can be
carried out through display or buzzing

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