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Macstroc COBALT 5% grade M35 Annular cutters have additional cobalt added for much greater wear resistance, although harder, will give longer cutting life in mild steel and better performance in more difficult materials. The extra added cobalt enables to drill in Stainless steel tough & harder steel easily. Available in weldon shank and universal shank . Macstroc also produces 8% cobalt cutters with grade M42


Authorised distributor for Macstroc annular cutter, and wholesaler in UAE and middleeast.  we are supplier for HSS annular cutter, TCT annular cutters, and cobalt annular cutters, and annular cutters suitable for Hardox,  distribute through out UAE, saudi arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and bahrain.  we supply all sizes of annular cutters from 12MM upto 150MM, and longer length and special annular cutters. Macstroc HSS annular cutters are Mac-Shank which fit in to weldon and nitto machines.

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