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Grooving machine heavyduty, MRG-12V2

Presenting the Macstroc MRG-12V2 Heavy-Duty Roll Groover, a formidable solution equipped with a robust 1100W induction motor and hydraulic pump. This powerhouse is engineered with a convenient depth adjusting function, purpose-built for creating roll grooves on standard wall pipes spanning 2 to 12 inches with SCH10/SCH40 specifications. Its drive shaft design allows for effortless replacement, enhancing maintenance ease.

The MRG-12V2’s high-performance gear reduction motor not only ensures efficiency but also contributes to its compact form and reduced noise levels. With an induction motor for stable and quiet operation, this roll groover showcases Macstroc’s dedication to providing reliable solutions. Additionally, its capabilities extend to creating grooves even in pipes with a wall thickness of 10mm, underlining its versatility and adaptability for various applications.

With its heavy-duty design and cutting-edge features, the Macstroc MRG-12V2 Heavy-Duty Roll Groover is poised to excel in roll grooving tasks, demonstrating Macstroc’s unwavering commitment to delivering efficient, durable, and innovative solutions for your pipe grooving needs.



Power groover, Heavy-Duty 2″-12″ [SCH10/40] Steel

2-12”[SCH10/40]  SS

Motor: 1100w induction

Speed:  23 RPM

Standard roll set: [2—3”] [3-1/2—6”] [8—12”]

Max Wall thickness:  10mm

Net weight: 110kg


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