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24inch roll groover, MRG-24IVA


The MRG-24IVA Heavy-Duty Roll Groover from Macstroc, a powerhouse capable of roll grooving pipes up to 24 inches in diameter. This robust machine is driven by a 2200W 3-phase induction motor and hydraulic pump, ensuring superior performance and efficiency.

Featuring a convenient depth adjusting function, the MRG-24IVA is designed to create precise roll grooves on standard wall pipes ranging from 8 to 24 inches with SCH10/SCH40 specifications. Its drive shaft design facilitates effortless replacement, streamlining maintenance procedures.

The high-performance gear reduction motor not only contributes to the machine’s compact form but also minimizes noise levels, enhancing the overall user experience. With its stable and quiet induction motor, the MRG-24IVA is engineered for consistent and dependable operation.

Impressively, this heavy-duty roll groover can create grooves in pipes with a wall thickness of up to 13mm, showcasing its adaptability for a variety of applications.

The MRG-24IVA embodies Macstroc’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that excel in performance and durability. With its remarkable capabilities, this roll groover demonstrates Macstroc’s dedication to meeting the diverse needs of professionals in the field of pipe grooving.



Power groover 8″-24″ Steel /SS

8-16”[SCH10/40]  18-24”[SCH10/20]

Motor: 2200w induction, 3Phase 380-415Volt

Speed:  20 RPM

Standard roll set: [8—12”] [14—16”] [18—24”]

Max Wall thickness:  13mm

Net weight: 170kg


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