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Roll grooving machine 12Inch lightweight, MRG-12V1


the Macstroc MRG-12V1 Roll Grooving Machine, a powerful and lightweight solution for roll grooving tasks in pipes up to 12 inches in diameter. Equipped with a robust 1100W induction motor and hydraulic pump, this machine offers exceptional efficiency and performance.

Featuring a user-friendly depth adjusting function, the MRG-12V1 is engineered to create precise roll grooves on standard wall pipes ranging from 1 to 8 inches with SCH10/SCH40 specifications, as well as on pipes measuring 10 to 12 inches with SCH10 specifications. The machine’s high-performance gear reduction motor not only ensures outstanding results but also contributes to its compact design and minimal noise output.

With its impressive capabilities and cutting-edge features, the Macstroc MRG-12V1 Roll Grooving Machine is designed to streamline pipe grooving operations, showcasing Macstroc’s commitment to delivering efficient, reliable, and innovative solutions for your roll grooving needs.



Power groover 1″-12” [SCH10/40]  Steel

1-8”[SCH10/40]     10-12”[SCH10] SS

Motor: 1100w induction

Speed:  23 RPM

Standard roll set: [1—1-1/2”] [2—3”] [3-1/2—6”] [8—12”]

Max Wall thickness:  8mm

Net weight: 65kg


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